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Blair fit to lead us into war, says Telegraph

Posted by Ed on March 13, 2003

To prevent this from becoming a Guardian-log, I would like to point out a voice from the other side of the argument today. An editorial in Britain’s ultra-Thatcherite Telegraph says this of Tony Blair:

“Any fair-minded person watching Tony Blair’s performance in the House of Commons yesterday would have concluded that we have a prime minister fit to lead us into war.”


“The line that separates reasonable criticism from small-minded mischief has been crossed – and people like Kenneth Clarke and Charles Kennedy are now on the wrong side of it. We have 30,000 troops “in theatre” in pursuit of a policy long announced and in conjunction with our most important ally.

Can anyone who wishes them and this country well really believe that we should now stand them down, send them back and let Dr Blix poke around the desert for a few more months until the world has turned its attention to something else? Ninety-nine per cent of the time politicians are just politicians, and that is fine. But for one per cent of the time, they must behave like statesmen. At this moment, Mr Blair is, and his critics are not.”

Given that the Telegraph (aka the Torygraph) wouldn’t have spit on a Labour member on fire five years ago, this is a quite remarkable turnaround and more indicative of where (parts of) the Labour Party finds itself today than the fickleness of the Telegraph.


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