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Mots du jour

Posted by Ed on March 19, 2003

The BBC has gathered together a collection of war jargon. For example:

going kinetic: military term for invading or bombing, shorthand for kinetic targeting. Psyops, such as leafleting propaganda, is known as soft targeting. Time magazine: “‘It will be highly kinetic,’ an Air Force planner says with grim understatement.”

vertically envelop: invade (see going kinetic). Pentagon buzzword for the tactic of sending troops in by helicopter to seize key targets in Iraq.

and this particularly fine example of the razor-sharp wit of George Dubya:

legs of responsibility: what the UN needs to regain, according to George Bush: “…in the post-Saddam Iraq the UN will definitely need to have a role. And that way it can get – begin to get its legs – legs of responsibility back.”


One Response to “Mots du jour”

  1. Ari said

    Interesting; this guide might indispensable for following the news in the days to come…

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