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An Arab View

Posted by Ed on March 26, 2003

The Jordan Times describes how the current “liberation” of Iraq looks to many Arabs, in the context of nearly a century of European and American power-brokering in the region:

“For many Arabs, this revives historical ghosts from 1915-22, when British and French armies brazenly rearranged our region into strange-shaped countries with Euro-made power structures. The Arab view is that this was done mainly to protect Western colonial interests, divide up local spoils and promote Zionist national goals, largely ignoring indigenous Arab, Kurdish and other local interests. The consequences have been catastrophic: nearly a century of chronic wars and insurrections, unstable frontiers, underachieving and distorted economies, and the most persistent modern legacy of political autocracy anywhere on the planet.”

Read the article here.

Also, have a look at this (quite stylish, in my opinion) website about the background to war: WhoDies


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