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Departure of the Prince of Darkness

Posted by Ed on March 28, 2003

Warblogging, amongst others, is reporting the news of Richard Perle’s resignation from the Defense Policy Board (this can only be a Good Thing), following allegations of a conflict of interest. They also refer to Perle’s role in PNAC and the particularly odious document, Rebuilding America’s Defenses, in which the case for American global domination is made without so much as a small blush.

Brian Whitaker also discusses Perle’s departure in The Guardian:

“In 1996 Mr Perle, nicknamed the Prince of Darkness, was the main author of a report entitled “Clean Break” whose contents were revealed by the Guardian last September (Playing skittles with Saddam, September 3 2002). This set out a plan to protect Israel’s strategic interests by reshaping the Middle East, starting with regime change in Iraq.”


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