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Raising awareness of PNAC

Posted by Ed on April 3, 2003

The other day I wrote to Robin Cook MP on the subject of PNAC and the war in Iraq, basically with the intention of raising public awareness of the goals of PNAC and their links to the Whitehouse. The following day I submitted a question to the BBC news director via the Guardian about PNAC.

Today I came across another blog bringing PNAC to light, so I thought I’d link to it. They also link to PNAC Watch, a blog dedicated to exposing PNAC.

Now to see if this Trackback thing works…


One Response to “Raising awareness of PNAC”

  1. Rudolph said

    Here’s a good way of raising PNAC awareness: See if you can a story submitted on Slashdot about the whole PNAC issue… linking to the PNAC site as well as PNAC Watch site… and maybe even this article by Joshua M. Marshall : “Practice to Deceive” – http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/features/2003/0304.marshall.html

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