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MP’s lose whip

Posted by Ed on April 7, 2003

Well it seems George Galloway and Tam Dalyell are to lose the whip by way of punishment for their errant behaviour (criticising the government – ok, they went quite far but its a democracy, right?). Those unfamiliar with the sometimes bizarre traditions of the UK Houses of Parliament may think this can only be a good thing, but in fact having the whip withdrawn is a severe warning, and is likely to be followed by suspension or expulsion from the Party. For a full explanation of whips, click here.

OK, they went very far. George Galloway gave an interview to Abu Dhabi TV in which he allegedly urged the Iraqis to rise up and fight the ‘foreign invaders’, and Tam Dalyell called for Tony Blair to be sent to The Hague for trial as a war criminal. Nonetheless, it is for the electorate to send them packing at the next election should they wish to do so, not the Party leadership.


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