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UK universities embrace open access

Posted by Ed on June 24, 2003

All UK universities have signed up to Biomed Central, meaning all staff can publish in their Open Access journals, such as Biomedical Engineering Online, without paying additional fees.

Read the update here.


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Beck’s anyone?

Posted by Ed on June 17, 2003

>From the Guardian’s superb David Beckham photo gallery:


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Reading the road map

Posted by Ed on June 11, 2003

With the Israeli government apparently determined to derail the peace process before its even left the station, Electronic Intifada has a report into the reporting of violence in the region by the American media. They describe the continuing violence from both sides both before and after the Aqaba summit, and point out that violence on the part of the Israeli government is largely ignored.

Periods in which dozens of Palestinians have been killed have been widely and routinely termed “periods of calm,” or “relative calm” just because few or no Israelis were killed during the same time. Such inaccurate reporting reinforces the claims of Israel’s apologists that violence is a Palestinian problem to which Israel is only reacting, and helps to conceal the enormous amount of violence Israel uses to maintain its military occupation of more than three million Palestinians and their land.

This bias doesn’t only apply to the printed media though. Ive just been watching a CNN report into today’s suicide bombing in Jerusalem. CNN described the latest helicopter gunship attack by the Israeli government as a ‘response’ to the Palestinian attack. No mention of the Israeli government policy of assassinating or attempting to assassinate Palestinian leaders, which continues unabated.

Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz has a comment article about the recent assassination attempt:

The missiles that failed to killing Abdel Aziz Rantisi in Gaza City – but killed bystanders including a woman and a child – continued on their trajectory towards Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah, and from there to Aqaba, Sharm al Sheikh, and Washington.

Finally, George W. Bush has appealed to the international community to cut off funds to terrorist organisations. America gives Israel about $3bn in aid each year.

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Correction re Wolfowitz

Posted by Ed on June 6, 2003

On Wednesday I posted a quote from the Guardian in which Wolfowitz appeared to concede that oil was the main motivation for the war on Iraq. The Guardian has now withdrawn this article and issued a correction .

All the other links and comments about the elusiveness of WMD and Wolfowitz’ connections with PNAC still apply.

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Wolfowitz admits war was about oil

Posted by Ed on June 4, 2003

Paul Wolfowitz, US deputy defence secretary and leading neo-con, has admitted (2003-06-06: Guardian has withdrawn article – see correction) that the war on Iraq was about oil. The timing couldn’t be worse for Tony Blair, facing ever-increasing scepticism about the alleged reason for invading Iraq: that it posessed weapons of mass destruction and could deploy them within 45 minutes. According to the Guardian:

Asked why a nuclear power such as North Korea was being treated differently from Iraq, where hardly any weapons of mass destruction had been found, the deputy defence minister said: “Let’s look at it simply. The most important difference between North Korea and Iraq is that economically, we just had no choice in Iraq. The country swims on a sea of oil.”

Obviously, to those of us familiar with the aims and ideas of PNAC (of which Wolfowitz was/is a member), this is not news. A quick glance at their website reveals their desire to secure American global domination for the coming century and beyond, and this of course goes hand in hand with controlling the world’s main energy supplies. But it is still remarkable to hear such a frank (and unapologetic) admission.

What I would really like to know, is what the majority of the British Labour Party that backed the war thinks of this. In a few months time, when the hawks are getting ready for regime change in Iran (they are preparing the ground already), will they stand up and oppose the new imperialism, or will they swallow it all again – hook, line and sinker?

And what about that public inquiry, Tony?

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Interview with Salam Pax

Posted by Ed on June 2, 2003

The Guardian has an interview with Salam Pax, the elusive Baghdad Blogger.

As with so much in Iraq, it was never meant to be like this. In June last year, Salam (this much of his name, at least, is real) was a recently graduated architect, aged 29, living at home with his parents and brother in Baghdad. His best friend was Raed, 25, a Palestinian-Jordanian he had met while studying architecture, who was taking a masters degree in Jordan. Raed was at best an infrequent email correspondent and so Salam started writing up his news from home on a weblog, a site on the internet where he could post his scribblings as often as he liked for his friend to read. He called it: Where is Raed?

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