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The neo-cons are still there…

Posted by Ed on August 13, 2003

Just in case anybody thought the neo-cons were quietly slipping into the background again, I would like to point out that The Weekly Standard (editor: William Kristol, PNAC chairman) has now gone daily. This week (today?) they publish an article by Reuel Marc Gerecht, fellow of the American Enterprise Institute, lamenting the increasingly louder calls for a more ‘multilateral’ approach to the rebuilding of Iraq. To see just how distorted Gerecht’s (and we can safely assume, other neo-cons’) views are, read the following extracts:

In the Muslim Middle East, in the age of bin Ladenism, where the rulers and the ruled are constantly assessing American strength and purpose, multilateralism, when it is so evidently cover for a lack of patience and fortitude, is never a virtue.

For the last 300 years in the Middle East, ever since the Ottomans discovered their severe and ever-increasing military inferiority vis-à-vis the West, Muslims have tried to play one Westerner off against another. Englishmen against Frenchmen, Frenchmen against Austrians, Englishmen against Russians, Germans against everybody, Soviets against Americans, and now, inshallah, the European Union against the United States.

See my older postings about PNAC.


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