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New Powerbooks

Posted by Ed on September 16, 2003

Apple today announced the upgrade of its Powerbooks, bringing the top-level 15″ (almost) up to the same spec as the 17″ (apart from screen-size, dummy): 1.25GHz G4, DDR RAM, ATI Radeon, Airport extreme, Firewire+USB2, Superdrive, etc., etc.

And best of all, and I quote, “futuristic backlit keyboard with ambient light sensor”.

Now, where did I leave that credit-card…


One Response to “New Powerbooks”

  1. Shaun Treweek said

    Hi Ed,

    The upgrade of the Powerbook G4 12″ to 1GHz was too much to resist. My new toy comes in two weeks according to the Apple Store. Sadly, I don’t think the 12″ has the essential back-lit keys.

    If you get shut of the bike, maybe you can turf out on a 15″. Maybe my brother could make you an offer for the bike, although it is doubtful that he would be able to pay you with actual money..


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