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Posted by Ed on October 2, 2003

Version 1.1 of the Micro$oft trouncing, Open Source office app OpenOffice.org has been released. New features include direct PDF export, Flash export for graphics and improved M$ Office compatability.

Download it here or order a CD here.


3 Responses to “OpenOffice.org1.1”

  1. Have you played with this yet, Ed? I’ve had a go with 1.1 on the Mandrake Cooker installation on my laptop (stoeptegel-1), and that PDF button definitely rules. 🙂

  2. Ed said

    I’ve been using 1.1RC4 for a few weeks now (not that I do much with it), and its a *big* improvement on 1.0, particularly in MS compatability. It does still occasionally struggle with complex formulae though.

  3. Arno Stienen said

    Ed, which Linux distribution did you use on your work computer? I feel like a fdisk /dev/hda comming up on my new university notebook…

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