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What’s up, doc?

Posted by Ed on December 16, 2003

It came as no surprise to me to learn that Americans have different ways of saying things than Brits, and for the most part posed me no problem. I am, for example, completely at home searching for zucchini, egg-plant or cilantro in the market. I am also aware that ‘pissed’ people are angry about something, and not (necessarily) drunk.

One thing still stumps me though. What do you say when people you pass in the corridor say, “Hey Ed, what’s up?” The question means the same as ‘How are you?’ or ‘How’s it going?’, but is impossible to answer. ‘Fine thanks, how are you?’ simply doesn’t work. Suggestions greatly appreciated.


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Snow and Coffee

Posted by Ed on December 14, 2003

Technology’s great, isn’t it? I’m sitting in my favourite Ohio City coffee shop, Talkies, making use of their free Wireless internet, looking out at a fresh carpet of snow.

All my neighbours were out shovelling snow off the pavement (“sidewalk”) this morning. Perhaps I should be doing the same, I thought. Then I realised I didn’t have a shovel, and decided to go out for coffee instead.

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Cleveland’s mayor

Posted by Ed on December 9, 2003

The mayor of Cleveland is not popular at the moment. The city has a projected budget deficit of about $60 million dollars for 2004. Admittedly, this probably isn’t entirely her fault, but her means of controlling it are harsh, short-sighted and extremely poorly timed.

She plans to cut the number council employees by about 700, with the heaviest losses being taken by the police, fire and medical services. And just to rub salt in the wound, many empoyees are being sacked on December 22nd. No wonder they’re calling her ‘the bitch who stole Christmas’.

Environmental services will suffer too, with the city’s recycling programme also being cut this month.

The Plain Dealer has a special report.

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Kucinich at Case

Posted by Ed on December 8, 2003

Last week Dennis Kucinich, who is hoping to be the Democrat’s candidate for president next year, came to speak at Case. His views on Iraq, globalisation and veganism attracted a certain type of audience, and make him more or less unelectable in this country. According to the Guardian, he’s currently in ninth place. Out of nine, that is. Everybody’s money seems to be on Dr. Dean.

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