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Hutton aftermath

Posted by Ed on February 1, 2004

The war between the government and the BBC is showing no signs of abating. Today’s Observer has details of a leaked document suggesting that the BBC is not willing to let it lie. The government obviously wants to ‘draw a line under it’.

As Tony Blair prepares to ‘give some ground’ on the issue of weapons of mass destruction at an appearance before a parliamentary committee of inquiry on Tuesday, the fresh evidence reveals that far from letting it drop, many senior executives want to continue the battle.

The report, entitled Freedom of Speech and obtained by The Observer, says Hutton was ‘wrong in law’ and ignored key evidence critical of the Government.

It is also instructive to look at the Guardian’s timeline of the whole affair, including a government email from September 2002 (pdf) which finishes with this question:

Third, if I was Saddam, I would take a party of western journalists to the Ibn Sina factory or one of the others pictured in the document to demonstrate there is nothing there. How do we close off that avenue to him in advance?

How can this possibly be construed as anything other than that they had already decided they wanted a war and were trying to block any peaceful solution to the crisis?


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