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Presidential photo

Posted by Ed on May 22, 2004

George W Bush was kind enough to send me a personalised photo of himself and his wife this morning, along with an invitation to send him money to help deliver the message of his “positive, optimistic agenda”, which the “liberal national media won’t deliver”.

Quite put me off my cornflakes, actually. At least the postman had the decency to fold it in two when he put it in the letterbox, despite the prominent “Do not bend! Presidential photo enclosed” warning. Nice one, Postie! Obviously I sent the form back, with a promise to donate zero dollars, thereby removing another 37 cents from their coffers.


3 Responses to “Presidential photo”

  1. Rudolph said

    Oi.. that would make me gag on my ricecrispies as well. Bush wouldn’t be caught dead trying to do a mailing like that in the Portland area. i don’t think he would get much traction here. Rural Oregon, on the other hand, is a different story. What state are you in again? I guess it must either a battleground/swing state for November or part of the solid red states contingent… and they are trying to bolster the base.

    Btw… here is an interesting website breaking down political support (as measured via donations) across the map for the US.


    You can even search by name, etc. Wanna know how much and to whom your boss donated… this site will tell you. 🙂

  2. Ed said

    I’m in Cleveland, Ohio. The state is very conservative outside the cities, and (a bit) more liberal in the cities, which is probably true of most of the country. Cleveland is very Democrat (although fairly conservative Democrat I think) due to its trade-union dominated history. From the Economist’s series on swing states (subsription-only article, I’m afraid):

    “Ohio is the very definition of a swing state. Its economy has been dominated by heavy industries that have been battered by global competition. But the culture is thoroughly conservative: the state legislature recently voted to ban gay marriage and to allow people to carry concealed weapons. The Democrats are strong in the cities and in the industrial north. The Republicans dominate the suburbs and ex-urbs and most of the south. Bill Clinton carried Ohio only by narrow margins—just 40-38% in 1992.”


    “Ohio is crucial to the Bush re-election campaign: no Republican has ever won the White House without winning the Buckeye State.”

  3. kayinmaine said

    I would have put the photo of Bush in the bottom of my bird’s cage. 😉

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