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Upgrading to Mandrake 10.0

Posted by Ed on May 28, 2004

Recently I upgraded my Mandrake box from 9.2 to 10.0, which, despite not going completely without a hitch was relatively painless. Here’s how (from PC Linux Online via Charl, although I can’t find the article any more) to do it using urpmi:

  • become root (if you don’t know what this means you should probably phone a friend);
  • delete your 9.2 sources with ‘urpmi.removemedia your_old_sources’;
  • add your 10.0 sources with ‘urpmi.addmedia your_new_sources’;
  • do ‘urpmi.update -a’ to bring all the sources up to date;
  • do ‘urpmi –auto-select –no-verify-rpm –auto’ to automatically upgrade all the packages that need it;
  • do ‘urpmi kernel’ at which point you will be asked to choose a kernel version; swallow hard and choose 2.6;
  • reboot.

Now, in theory this should bring you back up in a shiny new 10.0 environment. In my case however, it got a bit confused and nuked my display manager and the control panel, so all I had was this old shell. After a bit of hacking about though, it became clear that I had quite a few old 9.2 thingies (actually KDE 3.1) floating about, popping up where they really weren’t welcome. So I removed everything KDE and reinstalled what I needed from KDE 3.2, including the control panel, which then allowed me to retrieve, amongst other things, my display manager. I’m not sure why this happened, but I’ve heard say that you’re supposed to manually remove KDE 3.1 before doing the upgrade.

Anyway, now I have a shiny new Mandrake 10.0 installation with which I’m very happy (see next post).


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