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Using Mandrake 10.0

Posted by Ed on June 1, 2004

The other day Charl asked me what I thought of Mandrake 10.0, now that I’ve been using it for a few weeks. The truth is, there isn’t all that much to say. Apart from the upgrade glitches mentioned in the previous post, for the most part it Just Works. It’s fast, stable, looks nice and has all the apps you want. I am or have been running Apache 2 with PHP 4.3 and MySQL as well as the usual Mozilla Firefox (0.8) and Thunderbird (0.5), OpenOffice (1.1), Samba (3), Gimp (2) and gcc-3.3.2. All installed with the excellent urpmi tool. And the printer installed itself and CDs automount.

The best feature is the Mandrake Control Panel, which lets you do more or less anything without getting your hands dirty at the command line. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the time I like to get my hands dirty, but sometimes you just can’t be arsed and then a ‘yes, please do mount my samba share now’-button is great.

One or two problems I should mention. Occasionally Firefox goes off on one and takes X with it, taking the processor up to ~80% usage. Restart Firefox and it’s fine again. Istalled xine, doesn’t work. That’s about it, really.


One Response to “Using Mandrake 10.0”

  1. Ed said

    I’ve just noticed that it’s the Adobe Acrobat plugin for Mozilla that whacks processor usage up to 80%. Anyone else have this trouble?

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