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Return of Red Ken

Posted by Ed on June 11, 2004

At least someone in the Labour Party can smile today. Despite the party as a whole getting a right drubbing (I believe ‘kicking’ was the official term) at the polls today, former “loony lefty” Ken Livingstone has been returned as the Mayor of London:

Mr Livingstone made a brief speech of thanks, in which he pledged to “leave London more beautiful” than he found it. “I think that is a good statement for any mayor to make,” he said.

It must have been The Economist’s endorsement that swung it:

And while Mr. Livingstone has moved towards the world, in some ways the world has moved towards Mr. Livingstone. The GLC’s political correctness -“equal opportunities” and access for disabled people- was ridiculed twenty years ago. These days all employers preach anti-discrimination policies and wheelchair ramps, and braille lift buttons are everywhere.

Now, after four years as mayor, Mr. Livingstone is standing for re-election on June 10th. And the world and he are so much reconciled that The Economist is endorsing his bid.

Meanwhile, on this side of the pond, there is no news except that of the recent passing of former President Reagan. Or Saint Ronald, as I’m sure he’ll be known before the week’s out.


One Response to “Return of Red Ken”

  1. Arno said

    Got myself a great deal on a year subscription to the Economist. Looking around the internet, there was an English organisation that will sent it to any (PhD)student in the Netherlands for 63 Euro. Which sounds a lot better than the regular 160 Euro!

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