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Posted by Ed on September 10, 2004

The Guardian has a Special Report on master photographer Sebastião Salgado‘s latest and apparently last major project, Genesis, which will appear regularly in Weekend over the next eight years. The project is devoted to photographing the pristine places of the planet, starting with the Galápagos Islands. It’s quite a departure from his previous work, which has focussed heavily on people: workers, peasants, children, migrants.

Yes, we may already have destroyed 50% of the planet, but Salgado wants to show us what we have left, and what we stand to lose if we don’t take care. “In the end, the only heritage we have is our planet, and I have decided to go to the most pristine places on the planet and photograph them in the most honest way I know, with my point of view, and of course it is in black and white, because it is the only thing I know how to do. I want to see if I can put a kind of virginity in these pictures, if you can say that, and to show 100% respect to nature and the animals.”

I consider Salgado to be truly one of the greats; his work is inspirational. Go and look at it.


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