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Bush Wolves Ad

Posted by Ed on October 24, 2004

Bush’s latest despicable, scare-mongering campaign ad, called “Wolves”, implies (again) that Kerry is weak and can’t be trusted and would throw us all to the wolves if elected. Luckily factcheck.org is here to set us straight, with the help of Wolfpacks for Truth.

A new Bush ad claims Kerry supported cuts in intelligence “so deep they would have weakened America ’s defenses” against terrorists, and shows a pack of hungry-looking wolves preparing to attack. Actually, the cut Kerry proposed in 1994 amounted to less than 4 percent, as part of a proposal to cut many programs to reduce the deficit.

And in 1995 Porter Goss, who is now Bush’s CIA Director, co-sponsored an even strong deficit-elimination measure that would have cut CIA personnel by 20 percent over five years. When asked about that at his confirmation hearings he didn’t disavow it.

Interestingly, I noticed while writing this that georgewbush.com causes Firefox on Macos X to roll over and die. Could it be that the browser is trying not only to take back the web, but also the country?


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