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Cornflakes and Depression

Posted by Ed on November 4, 2004

All I wanted for my birthday was a new president. It’s not much to ask. Instead, it was cornflakes and depression for breakfast yesterday. While it wasn’t officially over, it was clear it could only go one way. By lunchtime, it was done and dusted. Kerry had conceded.

In Ohio, voters chose Bush by 51% to 49, passed Issue 1 (a far-reaching constitutional amendment discriminating against same-sex and other relationships) and rejected Issue 112 in Cleveland (a property levy to give Cleveland’s schools much-needed funding).

And, apparently it was all about “moral values”.

Rudolph says Rome is burning. Today I think I’m inclined to agree.


2 Responses to “Cornflakes and Depression”

  1. Rudolph said

    Ed, you a November-2nd-er as well?

  2. Ed said

    No, a November 3rd-er. 2nd would have been a lot better this year!

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