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Digital Negatives

Posted by Ed on November 21, 2004

A few weeks ago, Adobe released a specification for a new RAW digital image file format, the Digital Negative (DNG). After searching extensively for a good app that could handle Nikon’s proprietary NEF format (Nikon’s own offering which ships with the camera is rubbish), I was very excited to find this. It’s really a big advance for digital imaging, and I really hope the manufacturers choose to support it. The RAW file contains just the raw sensor data, plus some metadata, and does not rely on any processing done by the camera such as white balance, color interpolation, smoothing or sharpening. This gives you the greatest amount of control over your images, and ensures lossless storage.

Adobe has also posted a free converter for converting proprietary formats to the new, open DNG format, which appears to work very well. (It doesn’t autorotate portrait images, but that’s a minor inconvenience.) And opening a DNG file in Photoshop gives you more options than you can shake a stick at.

Go here to register your support for open standards and the DNG format.


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