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Spam Reporting

Posted by Ed on November 24, 2004

Lately I’ve been getting hit a lot by comment spam on my weblog, mostly by online gambling sites. I can sort of deal with this by putting suspicious comments in a moderation queue and then deleting them, but this isn’t going to work forever. A better solutions would be to automatically delete them, but this risks deleting genuine comments too. And getting the spammers shutdown would be the best solution, of course. Spam Cop looks like a good place to report email spammers, but where do we report blog comment spammers? If anybody has any good suggestions, I’d like to hear them.


2 Responses to “Spam Reporting”

  1. On cpbotha.net/weblogs I’m using a blacklist module that rejects comments based on a list of regular expresions. Because this is primarily reactive (i.e. you have to get the comment spam once before you can add it to the blacklist), we were still getting hit quite heavily.

    Since I’ve installed graphical captchas[1,2] however, comment spam has dropped to 0. I hope it stays that way.

    Spammers definitely constitute the lowest form of life. I hope they all die out.

    [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captcha
    [2] http://james.seng.cc/archives/000145.html

  2. Not my real blog

    This is not my real blog, but I am grateful to Automattic for providing it nonetheless. I registered this in order to get a WordPress.com API key, which allows me to block spam on my real blog using Akismet.
    My real blog is located at http://echadwick….

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