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Posted by Ed on December 23, 2004

The view from my window this morning…

snow from my window


2 Responses to “Winter”

  1. dimitra said

    I’ve always wished for a white Christmas. Fresh snow is beautiful, the way it glitters in the sunshine! I love looking at thick snowflakes falling silently from the sky, and listening to the sound of snow under my feet. But this morning, due to freezing rain from yesterday, it was the sound of breaking ice I could hear as I made my way to the garage through 30 cm of snow. After a few minutes of trying to shovel ice in what seemed like minus a million degrees, I cancelled my trip to the grocery store and went back into the house. Fine, I’ll eat my guinness cake without frosting. My Christmas will be white enough as it is.

  2. jan de booij said

    Hallo Ed,
    Leef je nog? Hoorde van Machteld dat haar mailtjes naar jou alleen stilte als antwoord opleveren.
    Sneeuw hebben wij deze winter nog niet gehad en vorst al helemaal niet.
    Hope you’re doing well out there.
    Hartelijke groeten,

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