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Posted by Ed on March 24, 2005

OK, that was far too much like hard work. Instead, I installed something that was made for the job: Pixelpost. Seems excellent so far; have a look here. What I was trying to avoid before was duplicating content that was or will be in my gallery, but it didn’t really work. Oh well, I’ll see how it goes.

The picture in the previous post was Hollands Spoor station in The Hague, in case you were wondering.


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Photoblog test

Posted by Ed on March 22, 2005

I’m trying to set up a separate category for Photoblog entries. So far I’ve got it to:

  • use a different template without the sidebar;
  • resize the image to fit (it’s seems to be doing this automatically although I’m not sure why).

What I need to do now is:

  • get it to not post this entry on the front page (maybe);
  • only link to previous and next entries in the same category;
  • install the Gallery plugin so that I can easily link to my gallery;
  • change the options so that we only have one entry per page.

I’ll let you know how it’s done when I work it out!

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Ken speaks out (again)

Posted by Ed on March 3, 2005

Ken Livingstone answers criticism by Henry Grunwald, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, in yesterday’s Guardian:

Throughout the 1970s, I worked happily with the Board of Deputies in campaigns against the National Front. Problems began when, as leader of the Greater London Council, I rejected the board’s request that I should fund only Jewish organisations that it approved of. The Board of Deputies was unhappy that I funded Jewish organisations campaigning for gay rights and others that disagreed with policies of the Israeli government.

Relations with the board took a dramatic turn for the worse when I opposed Israel’s illegal invasion of Lebanon, culminating in the massacres at the Palestinian camps of Sabra and Shatila. The board also opposed my involvement in the successful campaign in 1982 to convince the Labour party to recognise the PLO as the legitimate voice of the Palestinian people.

The fundamental issue on which we differ, as Henry Grunwald knows, is not anti-semitism – which my administration has fought tooth and nail – but the policies of successive Israeli governments.

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The Real Me

Posted by Ed on March 3, 2005

For the first time in my life, somebody attempted to head-hunt me this afternoon. Does this make me a Real Person at last?

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Open Access and the NIH

Posted by Ed on March 1, 2005

I got a memo from the boss the other day about the NIH’s new policy on Open Access. The policy statement reads:

Beginning May 2, 2005, NIH-funded investigators are requested to submit to the NIH National Library of Medicine’s (NLM) PubMed Central (PMC) an electronic version of the author’s final manuscript upon acceptance for publication, resulting from research supported, in whole or in part, with direct costs from NIH.

While this is a step in the right direction, it seems to fall some way short of true Open Access. Firstly, it is only a request, not a requirement. That being said though, with the intense competition that exists for NIH funding, it may well be felt as more of a requirement by many researchers. Secondly, authors will have up to one year to make their manuscripts available in PMC, and may be under pressure from journals to use this. Hopefully it will encourage other funding bodies to follow suit though.

BioMed Central has welcomed the announcement.

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Mayoral webcast

Posted by Ed on March 1, 2005

Ken Livingstone is having a People’s Question Time, to be webcast live at 7pm (GMT) today! (Warning: the live webcast link crashed my browser.) Via Londonist.

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