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Energy Efficiency

Posted by Ed on June 2, 2005

There’s a big energy conference going on here at Case today, which I’m not attending because I didn’t register in time, with a very interesting-sounding programme covering technological and economic aspects of energy production in the 21st century. Such luminaries as the governor of Ohio, BP’s chief scientist, various government bods and a few greens will be there. They’ll be talking about hydrogen, fuel cells, renewables, nuclear, and just maybe, energy efficiency and conservation. Check out the webcast here.

Meanwhile, back in the lab, we’re pumping energy out the window so we all have to sit about in sweaters all day even though it’s 25°C outside! On the wall of my office, there’s a little dial with some numbers on it that imply that by turning the dial I can reduce the amount of energy being pumped. Not so, alas. It’s merely a placebo; one which I tried to get fixed last summer in the same situation. Maybe I’ll have more luck this year.


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