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Posted by Ed on July 2, 2005

A few weeks ago our new site for the ISG went live. I decided to use Drupal because I’d heard good things about it, and it has to be said it was fairly easy to set up. The only issue I’ve had is with page caching. With caching turned on, the browser always used the cached page, even when it shouldn’t have. For example, if I logged in and refreshed the home page, it still brought up the un-logged-in home page. So for the moment, caching is turned off. Anyone got any ideas?

Anyway, while there aren’t many users, this doesn’t really matter. But as the site gets busier (which I hope it will), performance may start to suffer. Without caching, it means a database query for every page request. So far, a number of people I don’t know have registered, and even started forum topics, which is good.

You can also reach it via http://internationalshouldergroup.org.


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