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Posted by Ed on February 10, 2006

A big thanks to Charl for pointing out the fabulous last.fm music/social networking site. Just install the plugin for your favourite music player, and it automatically tracks what you play and puts you in touch with similar music. Seriously, have a look. It’s the dog’s bollocks. Here’s my profile.


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Music Map

Posted by Ed on February 4, 2006

Check out this very cool music map from yesterday’s Guardian.

Each branch line represents a sub-genre: rock sprouts off into grunge and psychedelia when it reaches South-West London; hip-hop diverges, north of Camden, into old school and New York rap. If I was really lucky, the band name echoed the original station name: Highbury & Islington became Sly & the Family Stone.

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State of the Union

Posted by Ed on February 1, 2006

Alternative State of the Union address… much better than the real one!

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