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Posted by Ed on April 5, 2006

The Guardian, long my favourite British daily, just got even better. They’ve expanded their comment and analysis section with the addition of a new blog, Comment is Free.

It is a collective group blog, bringing together regular columnists from the Guardian and Observer newspapers with other writers and commentators representing a wide range of experience and interests. The aim is to host an open-ended space for debate, dispute, argument and agreement and to invite users to comment on everything they read.

The articles seem to be generating quite a lot of comment so far, much of ot interesting and insightful. Of course, there are times when it degenerates into a slanging match (particularly where Israel/Palestine is concerned), but that’s to be expected. The opinions are diverse (with I think more than 100 contributors) and the writing is sharp and provocative and well worth a read.

Not only that, it also features a photoblog by Dan Chung and Steve Bell’s If.


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