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Torpado Fixie

Posted by Ed on May 20, 2006

Torpado Beta

Not sure how popular these are in other parts (don’t remember seeing them at all in the Netherlands, a country they are perfect for), but around here fixies are all the rage. So I found myself an old Torpado frame on eBay and decided to see what all the fuss was about. Having ridden nothing but a front-suspended mountain bike for the last 6 years or so, it’s quite a change. But I like it so far, that not-coasting thing.

Check out my flickr set for a few pics.


3 Responses to “Torpado Fixie”

  1. Dimitra said

    You fixie people are nuts.
    Would you like to have to swim constantly, and not be able to just float every now and then? After biking up that steep (or not so steep) hill, coasting is your reward!
    You should put up a picture of my yellow bike, it’s so much prettier than yours.

  2. Brandy said

    I agree Dimitra!! Coasting *is* a reward for sweating uphill.

    Although, fixies are cool.

  3. latitudinarian said

    riding a fixed gear bicycle is nothing but a reward.

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