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Photography Tips

Posted by Ed on June 2, 2006

Two sites that the photographers and photography lovers amongst us should definitely check out are Magnum in Motion and The Photography Channel. They both feature multimedia presentations, or Interactive Essays as Magnum calls them, by some of the world’s best photographers and photo journalists. Highly recommended are The Revolution by Burt Glinn (Magnum in Motion):

When rebel forces ousted Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista, photographer Burt Glinn was there for the riotous aftermath, recording the chaos and excitement in Havana’s streets and traveling with a young rebel leader named Fidel Castro.

and Coal Hollow by Ken and Melanie Light (Photography Channel):

Ken and Melanie Light have created a stunning portrait southern West Viriginia, where the coal mining industry has left a human and environmental catastrophe in its wake. Their book, COAL HOLLOW, is being published by the University of California Press. This 3:00 video is excerpted from a longer version, which will be available soon.

The Magnum in Motion presentations are also available as video podcasts that you can subscribe to in iTunes.


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