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Born Again iPod

Posted by Ed on October 7, 2006

I’ve had my first generation iPod for about five years now. It still works fine, but the battery only lasts about an hour now. I was all set to replace it with a shiny new one, when I came across this site, which can supply me a battery that will last 18-20 hours between charges.

Besides not having to throw away a perfectly serviceable device, the thing is worth saving just for the kids’ reactions when I whip it out. “Dude! That’s, like, totally old-skool!” No it’s not. It’s, like, nearly brand new.


2 Responses to “Born Again iPod”

  1. sarah said

    Hey Ed,
    Sarah here. how are you? I hope well! DId you get your ipod battery replaced via this site?
    I am curious – I have the very same situation (2nd generation ipod) – apple referred me to ipodresq.com.
    Perren says hi. Talk to you later – hope to see you when we are in cleveland will you be in town end of dec- early jan.?

  2. Ed said

    Hi Sarah! Yes I did get a battery from them, and replaced it myself which wasn’t too hard. Not as ‘permanently sealed’ as you might think. I sprung for the high capacity 18h battery and it’s working fine. Haven’t actually timed it, but it should last long enough for a transatlantic flight at least.

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