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Dear Drivers

Posted by Ed on July 3, 2008

Dear drivers who don’t like bikes,

Next time you see me riding to work, going to the shops, running some errand on my bike or just riding around, remember this:

Not only do I have a constitutional right to use the road, I’m doing you a favour. And in a number of ways.

  1. By choosing a bike over a car, I’m reducing the demand for fuel, thus keeping gas prices lower. You benefit.
  2. By taking up about 1/10 of the space on the road compared to a car, I’m reducing congestion. This means you get there faster, and you waste less fuel doing so. You benefit.
  3. By not taking up a parking space at work or the shops, there are more for you. You benefit.
  4. By not burning fuel, I’m reducing the pressure on the environment and slowing global warming. Your children benefit.
  5. By reducing car traffic in the city, I’m contributing to a cleaner, quieter and more liveable environment. Everybody benefits.

Of course, I could go on. But the main reason I ride my bike is that I like it and it seems like the right thing to do. Now I know that bikes are not some kind of magical cure for all our ills, and for many people they are simply not an option. But I’m not asking everybody to get on their bikes, all I’m asking is for you to let me ride mine.

So next time you see me, instead of yelling at me, willfully intimidating me or openly threatening me, how about you just say “thanks”.


3 Responses to “Dear Drivers”

  1. Fixup said

    Good post. If only all motorists could read it…

  2. Agreed. When I see motorised traffic jammed up or snailing I don’t especially want to share my joy in getting about on a bicycle. I’ve given up a bit on “attitude” being too easily dismissed as a grumpy old sod. Glad to have discovered your blog. I gave up my car a couple of years ago: http://democracystreet.blogspot.com/2007/10/dignified-divorce.html Me and my car were in a loveless marriage, which I suspect applies to many who have, or feel they have, no alternative but to drive one. As well as cycling and walking I enjoy train travel, even in the messed up British network! Enjoy Corfu. It’s a lovely place to cycle with even the steepest slopes well graded – many roads originally made by a French engineer working for the British Protectorate (1815-1864) Sorry if you know all this. Xerete. Simon

  3. just to add here, found this site though another one. Click https://twitter.com/moooker1

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