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Pier at Edgewater

Posted by Ed on February 25, 2008

The lake was mostly frozen and covered with seagulls. Trying out the new Kodak T-max 400 in my TLR.


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Winter at last!

Posted by Ed on February 17, 2007

winter storm

Originally uploaded by Ed Chadwick.

It’s quite warm today though, at -8C.

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Fresh Stop Bounty

Posted by Ed on July 20, 2006

Fresh stop bounty

This week’s bounty from the local fresh stop market – seasonal produce from local farmers. Click on the photo for details. Tonight: green tomato ratatouille with arborio rice and grated parmesan cheese. Mmmm…

Get your bag every Thursday between 3 and 7pm at Clark and W25th or three other locations. Go here or call ahead to reserve your share. $10 or $20 depending on your income. Go here to see what’s fresh this week. You might even get a round of applause or at least a recipe too.

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Fresh Stop Markets in Cleveland

Posted by Ed on May 31, 2006

Fresh Stops are where city residents can buy market bags of produce, connecting them with farmers in the region. The locations are in the Clark-Metro neighorhood at Clark Avenue & W. 25th Street and in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood at Lorain Avenue & W.48th Street. Fresh Stops will be open every Thursday from 3-7 p.m. between June 15th and October 5th.

From Green City Blue Lake.

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Film Festival

Posted by Ed on March 26, 2006

So, that was it then. The last ten days or so have been filled by the 30th Cleveland International Film Festival. It was an amazing few days and my hat goes off to the organisers for their excellent choice of films as well as the day-to-day running of the festival. I saw about half a dozen of the very many films on offer, and they were mostly very good.

Of particular note was Portrait of a Lady Faraway, from Iran. A young woman rolls the dice, and dials the numbers that come up to ask for help. The night-long journey that follows takes a man back through his difficult past in a (sometimes confusing) mix of memory, dreams, fantasy and reality. The story is compelling, though, and the performances and cinematography are excellent.

My favourite film of the festival though was Tapas, from Spain, about the intertwined lives of a group of people surrounding a Tapas bar. It was moving, intriguing, funny and unsentimental. Highly recommended.

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Protest Photos

Posted by Ed on March 22, 2006

As promised, more pictures of the anti-war demo on Monday are now in my photo gallery.

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Anti-war Protest

Posted by Ed on March 20, 2006

Our revered leader, George Dubya, graced us with his presence in Cleveland today. Seems not everyone in the country is equally happy with the way things in Iraq are going, so he’s on tour talking things up a bit. Some of us tried to make him feel welcome. More photos later this week…

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Energy Efficiency

Posted by Ed on June 2, 2005

There’s a big energy conference going on here at Case today, which I’m not attending because I didn’t register in time, with a very interesting-sounding programme covering technological and economic aspects of energy production in the 21st century. Such luminaries as the governor of Ohio, BP’s chief scientist, various government bods and a few greens will be there. They’ll be talking about hydrogen, fuel cells, renewables, nuclear, and just maybe, energy efficiency and conservation. Check out the webcast here.

Meanwhile, back in the lab, we’re pumping energy out the window so we all have to sit about in sweaters all day even though it’s 25°C outside! On the wall of my office, there’s a little dial with some numbers on it that imply that by turning the dial I can reduce the amount of energy being pumped. Not so, alas. It’s merely a placebo; one which I tried to get fixed last summer in the same situation. Maybe I’ll have more luck this year.

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Posted by Ed on December 23, 2004

The view from my window this morning…

snow from my window

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They call it freedom

Posted by Ed on April 5, 2004

As from Thursday, people in the state of Ohio will be allowed to carry concealed weapons. Proponents of the bill seem to think this rights a long-standing wrong that has prevented them from enjoying their constitutional right to bear arms.

Holy crap! as they say here, are they completely mad? Err, yes actually.

Certain areas will automatically be exempt, such as government buildings, schools, religious buildings and places serving alcohol, but businesses will have to display this sign to prohibit guns from their premises.

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