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Miles with digital camera

Posted by Ed on July 26, 2007

One from the archives. When this was taken in 2001, Miles was the only person from a group of about 15 with a digital camera.


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Posted by Ed on July 21, 2007

Sunrise in Alishan, Taiwan.


See the whole collection in my flickr gallery.


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Road (and rail) trip

Posted by Ed on July 17, 2005

Got back from a ~1500 mile trip earlier this week. The first leg was from here (Cleveland) to Montreal for IFESS05, in a van, starting at 3am the morning after July 4th. That makes it sound a lot worse than it was; the miles ticked by fairly quickly and the van was big enough for a snooze. The conference was a bit disappointing, but Montreal was great, and we had the International Jazz Festival to entertain us in the evenings. From there it was down to New York to stay with a friend, which was great. Spent a lot of time walking around the city, drinking coffee in Greenwich village, and Guinness in the Irish pubs.

Finally, I took the train back to Cleveland. This took a couple of hours longer than the advertised 12 hours due to track works, but was still enjoyable. The stretch from NYC to Albany along the Hudson River was very pretty, and the sun was setting just as we got into Albany. From there the train heads west across New York State to Buffalo, and along the Great Lakes to Cleveland. Everybody I spoke to before I left warned me that the train was absolutely not the way to go in the US, but I would certainly do it again and recommend it to anyone. Just don’t expect to get there quickly.

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Back from Colombia

Posted by Ed on December 14, 2004

Pony and Trap
Just a few days ago, although it seems much longer amid the darkness and snow of Cleveland, I was sitting outside a bar in Cartagena, drinking rum with fresh lime and plenty of ice, looking out over the Carribean Sea.

We started in Cali for Juan and Susy‘s wedding, a grand and beautiful affair in the Iglesia de la Merced. From there we flew north to the city of Cartagena de Indias, where we wandered the narrow streets of the walled city and visited the 17th century Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, built to protect the city from English pirates, among others. Finally, it was back to Bogotá for a couple of days to see the Gold Museum and the Plaza de Bolívar before heading home.

I’ve put a few photos from the trip in my gallery, more will appear over the next few days.

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Long time no hear

Posted by Ed on November 4, 2003

I’ve moved. About 5208 nautical miles as it happens. Hence the radio silence for the last couple of weeks. (Not that I came by ship or anything – I’ve just been busy.)

Anyway, I’m now working in CWRU‘s Biomedical Engineering Department in Cleveland, and living in a basement. As soon as they know I exist (SSN issues), I’ll get my own place and be back in action.

Its absurdly hot here today, about 25C (77F if you prefer), when it should be about zero. Something wierd is happening.

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New Zealand photos

Posted by Ed on August 9, 2003

Recently I was in New Zealand, and spent a couple of days hiking in Abel Tasman National Park. The weather was beautiful, and there were hardly any people (its winter!). Click on the image to view the gallery.

Onetahuti Beach

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