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Photography is a major hobby of mine. I have a Photo Gallery, where you can find portraits, travel photography, landscapes and more, in colour and black and white. It’s (of course!) constantly being updated, so check back regularly.

I have four cameras, a Canon T90, a Nikon D70, an Olympus 35RC and a Kowa /Six. The T90 hails from about 1986, and is a tank, but a beautiful one. The D70 is a recent acquisition, and my first foray into the world of digital. It’s great, but I’m still getting used to it. (Update: After 2 years, I’m still getting used to it.) The 35RC is a little rangefinder from 1970, for when I don’t feel like lugging one of the SLRs about, and the Kowa is a 6×6 medium format camera from about 1969 which I picked up at a garage sale and haven’t played with much yet. Favourite films are Ilford Delta for black and white and Fuji Velvia for colour, although I shoot mostly digital these days.

Sebastião Salgado is one of my favourite photographers, whose work I find inspirational. (See my weblog posting on his Genesis project.) His work can be seen here and here. Another favourite is Barry Thornton, who sadly passed away recently. Both shoot exclusively in black and white.

Other good photography sites are dpreview.com, photo.net and the British Journal of Photography. Also, check out my friend Štěpán Janda’s excellent photo site.


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